Vitamins and Supplements Necessary

       Switching to a whole-food, plant-based approach to eating is an excellent way to enhance your digestion. It is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and health-promoting phytochemicals and avoids hard-to-digest foods such as meat, dairy and food high in fat. You will feel better and can prevent many digestive disorders such as diverticular disease and even certain cancers such as gastrointestinal and colorectal, along with reducing the overall risk of all cancers and chronic diseases such as heart disease.


A Few Tips for Taking Supplements:

1. Take with food. You can take just before a meal, but anytime between 20-30 minutes of your meal is beneficial.

2. Choose a high quality digestive aid that includes the specific digestive enzymes your body may needs such as alpha-galactosidase, cellulose and amylase for complex carbohydrates or lactose for lactase.

3. Stay well-hydrated with adequate water intake depending on your needs. Strive for at least 64 ounces a day as you are increasing your fiber intake.

4. Start slowly and notice how your body responds. After a week or two, slowly decrease the intake and allow your body to naturally adjust and produce the necessary enzyme for efficient digestion and absorption.

5. Solgar Comfort Zone is another Consumer Labs approved product that offers a broader range of digestive enzymes and includes digestive aids such as fennel extract, ginger and anise powder, which may help to reduce gas, bloating or nausea.


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