Per DoseCourse
Cholera oral, Dukoral, Course of 2£30£60
Hepatitis A, Havrix Monodose, Single course£45£45
Hepatitis A Paediatric, Havrix Monodose Junior, Single course£45£45
Hepatitis A & B combined – Adult, Twinrix, Course of 3£70£210
Hepatitis A & B combined – Paediatric, Twinrix, Course of 3£40£120
Hepatitis A & B combined – Paediatric, Ambirix Junior, Course of 2£40£120
Hepatitis A & Typhoid Combined, Viatim, Single Dose£95£95
Hepatitis B, Energix B, Course of 3£40£120
Hepatitis B Paediatric, EnergixB Junior, Course of 3£20£60
Japanese Encephalitis, IXIARO, Course of 2£90£180
Measles, Mumps, Rubella, MMR, Course of 2£50£100
Meningitis ACWY + certificate, Menveo, Single Dose£60£60
Rabies Vaccine, Rabipur, Course of 3£60£195
Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio, Revaxis, Single Dose£30£30
Tick-borne encephalitis – Adult, Ticovac, Course of 2/3 PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE£70£140 – £210
Tick-borne encephalitis – Paediatric, Ticovac, Course of 2 PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE£60£210
Typhoid, Typhim Vi, Single Dose£50£50
Typhoid (Oral), Vivotif, 3 Capsules£40£40
Yellow Fever + certificate, Stamaril, Single Dose£80£80
Yellow Fever Re-issue Certificate£25£25