Typhoid Fever may be a microorganism infection that’s unfold through contaminated food and water will cause enteric injury, toxic heart condition, pneumonia, seizures and swelling of the brain. Globally there area unit between thirteen million and sixteen million cases of enteric fever according a year, 500,000 of that end in death.

Countries in danger

Typhoid fever is usually found in area unitas wherever standards of private and food hygiene are low and sanitation is lacking. The malady is widespread in abundant of the globe, together with South Asia and components of South-East Asia, the center East, Central and South America, and Africa. Outbreaks of enteric fever have additionally been according from countries in japanese Europe together with Asian nation, Tajikistan, Ukrayina and Russia.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms might embrace delicate fever and headache, muscle aches, chills, nausea, and loss of appetence. Some sufferers report abdominal discomfort, constipation, and/or looseness of the bowels.


Antibiotic medical aid and general medical support is also needed. However, some strains of enteric fever have become progressively immune to antibiotics, particularly in geographical area. Severe cases, within which the intestines become perforated, will be treated surgically.

Travel precautions

While travel, solely drink water from a sealed bottle or water that has been treated employing a quality filter, tablets or boiling. Avoid ice from Associate in Nursing unknown water supply. Avoid raw food and solely eat fruit that you just will peel. make sure that hot food is freshly barbecued and served hot. Use logic around personal hygiene and hand laundry.


Travellers to areas in danger is also suggested one in every of the subsequent courses:
Typhim Vi, single dose injection
Vivotif, 3 capsules
It is additionally suggested that travellers take applicable precautions with food and water.