Japanese cephalitis could be a infection unfold by mosquitos which will cause swelling of the brain, leading to permanent brain harm or death. per the globe Health Organization a minimum of fifty,000 individuals in Asia develop visible symptoms of Japanese cephalitis annually.                                                                                                                               japanese-encephalitis-countries-at-risk

Countries in danger

Japanese cephalitis MapJapanese cephalitis happens in most countries of Asia, the Indian landmass, and remote elements of northeast Australia.

Risk for travellers

Risk is highest for travellers World Health Organization area unit visiting agricultural areas, or those that area unit movement to in danger countries for quite 3 to four weeks.
For temperate countries of Asia together with Asian nation, Asian country and Asian nation risk is typically highest round the time of the time of year. In tropical countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and therefore the Philippines, the chance of the unwellness is year-around.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms typically occur 5 to fifteen days when being bitten by associate degree infected dipterous insect. ab initio a flu-like sickness could occur, which can reach brain swelling, leading to symptoms like high fever, confusion, convulsions, headache, neck stiffness and dysfunction. Japanese cephalitis may result in death or permanent brain harm and incapacity.


There is no specific medical aid out there for the treatment of Japanese cephalitis. medical aid confirming medical aid could also be needed.


A vaccination course of 2 IXIARO injections could also be counseled for travellers considering out of doors activities in bad areas, particularly throughout the transmission season. the japanese cephalitis vaccination could be a course of 2 vaccines over twenty eight days. whereas movement, make sure to use dipterous insect nets and avoid insect bites between gloaming and dawn once the mosquitos area unit most active.